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Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts



'Everybody has a taste for Stanley as he is chewed on, swallowed and spat back out by lots of different 'somebodies'. But it won't be long until they realise: Stanley is no ordinary creature...'  



This educational, children's picture book, is designed to connect children (and adults) to the marine world, it's inhabitants and the threat of plastic pollution. Learn to recognise different sea creatures and the importance of recycling, in a completely unique perspective. This book is perfect for use in schools, nursery, group clubs and at home. 



** Reviews **

“…This vividly illustrated, rhyming cautionary tale about the devastating effect on marine life of a single carrier bag packs a powerful message in its entertaining story that will, with luck, influence young children – and their parents.”

The Daily Mail


“… eye-catching illustrations, beautiful layouts and a clever storyline, ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ is a wonderful resource for teaching children how dangerous a simple plastic bag can be within the marine environment.”

Sea Watch Foundation

“Somebody Swallowed Stanley is a lovely book, beautifully illustrated and manages to tell an important environmental story that is interesting, informative and empowering.”

Surfer’s Against Sewage

“ Creature Books are a brilliantly innovative and beautifully visual way of educating children (and adults!) about the exciting world of marine creatures. They also tackle some big marine conservation issues in a fun and vibrant way and are a great aid to learning.”

Simon Reeves, (Explorer and Television Presenter)


“Somebody swallowed Stanley is a great little children's book with a really important message. I love the illustrations. It is so important to educate people about plastic waste, which has got completely out of control. I hope Stanley will prove to be a high flying ambassador!”

Michaela Strachan, (Wildlife Presenter)


“I passed it to a particularly harsh critic for her appraisal – my 8 year old daughter. She enjoyed it very much and read it cover to cover again and again.”

Kate Fletcher (Mother)

Our school is just loving this book. We are in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Canada and my principal has been using the book too to teach about pollution and keeping our oceans and watersheds clean. Thank you for such a great, child-friendly, and inspiring book”.

Caroline Morris (Primary School Teacher)

‘Thank you for writing a story that appeals to children and encourages them to think about their actions.’

Annette Noble (Head Teacher)

“After more than 20 years working on the problems of litter in our oceans I am convinced that educating the next generation to behave more responsibly is essential. The message in this book is simple and easy to follow. I really enjoyed reading it with my daughter.”

  Professor Richard Thompson (UN Expert on Mircroplastics)